wedding checklist / to-do list

Assalamualaikum & hye…

for those yang nak kahwin especially for b2b out there, here are some guidance about the to-do list for your big day.


One Year Or More Before Wedding

1. Announce your engagement to family and friends
2. Introduce both sets of parents, if you have not already
3. Select a wedding date, time a possible alternate date
4. Determine the style, size and degree of formality of your wedding
5. Reserve the ceremony site.
6. Plan the reception and book location as soon as wedding date is set.
7. Hire a caterer, if not included with reception site. Discuss menu.
8. Discuss how expenses will be shared with all relevant parties
9. Enjoy your engagement party
Nine To Twelve Months Before The Wedding
1. Reserve your photographer and video-grapher
2. Choose the musicians, soloists and review music selection for ceremony/reception
3. Determine the number of guests for your family, his family, your friends, his friends and their friends
4. Shop for your wedding dress and accessories. Schedule fittings and delivery date when buying or ordering
5. Select a travel agent and start planning for your honeymoon
Six to Nine Months Before the Wedding
1. Select and order bridesmaids dresses and schedule fittings and delivery date.
2. Select and reserve florist and discuss color scheme.
3. Begin shopping for the formal wear for the groom and male attendants.
Four to Six Months Before the Wedding
1. Check requirements for blood tests and marriage licenses in your state.
2. Make an appointment for an exam with your doctor and dentist.
3. Select and order wedding rings.
4. Ask both mothers to coordinate and select their dresses.
5. Complete your guest list. (There should be no abbreviations).
6. Order invitations and stationery, such as direction cards and wedding programs.
7. Purchase gifts for wedding attendants and look for favors for guests.
8. Select baker and order wedding cake and groom’s cake.
9. Finalize honeymoon details and make reservations.
10. Ensure that all bridal attire has been ordered.
11. Experiment with hairstyle and cut, if your doing your own hair.
Two to Three Months Before the Wedding
1. Reserve accommodations for out-of-town attendants and guests.
2. Choose the men’s wedding attire. Be sure the sizes are correct.
3. Mail invitations six weeks before the wedding.
4. Assist the groom’s mother with making reservations and finalizing rehearsal dinner details.
5. Finalize details with florist, photographer, videographer, musicians and baker.
6. Set the date and time for the rehearsal with the officiate.
7. Choose a responsible person to attend to your guest book.
8. Make an appointment with hairdresser and makeup artist, if you are to have it done for you.
Four to Six Weeks Before the Wedding
1. Invitations should have been mailed out by now.
2. Get your blood test
3. Have your final wedding dress fitting.
4. Purchase a gift for your future spouse.
5. Finalize decor, food and beverage menu with the caterer.
Two to Three Weeks Before the Wedding
1. Finalize a time schedule of the day with your wedding consultant.
2. Contact guests who have not returned respond cards.
3. Order travelers checks for honeymoon, if needed.
4. Pick up wedding rings; check to make sure they fit and engraving inscriptions are correct.
5. Meet with photographer. Give him/her a list of special events or props you want in the videotape.
One to Two Weeks Before the Wedding
1. Write or have calligrapher do the place cards or a reception seating chart.
2. Provide the caterer with the final guest count and seating arrangements.
3. Confirm honeymoon reservations, pick up tickets and travelers checks.
4. Assign tasks for your wedding day; written out for each wedding party attendant.
5. Pick up wedding attire and make sure everything fits properly.
6. Relax and enjoy your special day!
for me, orang suka buat budget untuk semua tu. lebih mudah kita nak tgok berapa total budget yang diperlukan supaya kita tak terkurang or terlebih budget.
kalau nak buat checklist yang disertakan dengan budget, boleh buat macam ni
semoga bermanfaat untuk kalian dan juga untuk orang =)

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