i’m fine


I’m not fine. I was never fine. Every smile you can see is just a mask of my real emotion. I’m just too scared to let it out because I don’t want people to worry. I want to be alone but I try to cope up with my friends so that they won’t notice.I don’t want people to worry how I am. I want them to know me as a happy and carefree girl. It sounds insane but I like it that way. In that way, no one will bother to ask me. In that way, no one will worry. In that way, everybody is happy. I’m willing to sacrifice my own happiness for theirs

today’s quote


No matter how many times in life things haven’t worked out the way you want it to be, doesn’t mean they won’t someday. Have faith ya. God won’t be cruel. He surely have a better plan for you if you have patience enough to wait. Don’t give up & keep on moving ! 🙂



You cannot make your future perfect if you carry the past to the future, instead learn a lesson from it..
Life must go on…whatever come across in front of you..
Do believe in yourself more than others else do..